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Meme taken from Chloe taken from Kim

Here's how it goes down. You start with any random thing--an object, virtue, idea, person, quantum mechanical theory, whatever--then think of something totally unrelated. For example, think of cherries, and then Fallout 3. Your goal is to get from the first object to the next, starting on the first's Wikipedia page and ending on the last object's page.

Rules (Subject to change with or without notice):
> You must keep track of every link you click on.
> No clicking on categories.
> No searching.
> No clicking on anything outside of the actual article, i.e. "Main page", "Recent changes", etc.
> Clicking on images is fine.
> Leaving Wikipedia is not.
> Typing is allowed only if you're using the "Find" (Ctrl+F) function of your browser.

Violating those rules would kinda take the fun out of this anyways. Here's the real fun. 

There's three things you can get out of this.
1) A laugh or two at how ridiculously easily you can get from one completely random object to the next.
2) An unimaginable fear of Wikipedia and its vast amounts of information.
3) Drool on your desk due to awe of Wikipedia and its vast amounts of information.

Dethklok -> Kirby

Melodic Death Metal
Scandinavian Death Metal
In Flames
Nuclear Blast
List of Nuclear Blast artists
Deathstars <- favourite Wiki page =D
Star Wars
Star Wars computer and video games
Home consoles
History of video game consoles (7G)
Nintendo DS
List of Nintendo DS games
List of Nintendo DS games (J-R)
Kirby Superstar Ultra
Kirby (series)

Tags: dethklok, kirby, nuclear blast
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