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A resolution... sort of.

I called my dad and we talked over things and I'm fairly confident we will be able to go back to normal. I'm going home tomorrow and if all goes well I'll be able to move back in.
I guess it was only for a 5 days but it sucked. I honest to god thought that I wouldn't be able to move back into home and I'd be stuck alone. That's my biggest fear, being alone. I dunno, I think we'll be able to get things back to normal. I hope so, because I honestly do like my dad, most of the time. 

In other news... well not so much news but things I've been thinking about.

1. I think I'm going to dye my hair again. Naturally I'm a disgusting dark blonde but have been dying my hair since I started high school. Black, red, dark brown, light brown, mixture of colours. At the moment I'm light blonde. One good thing is that with my skin tone and eye colour I can dye my hair any colour and it doesn't look unnatural. I'm thinking about going dark brown again. I get bored quickly. Needs to be cut too, it's pretty hideous at the moment. The only problem is that with my job I'm not allowed any interesting hair styles, piercings, nail polish etc. Have to look dull like the rest of them =/

2. I really need to lose weight. I'm not over weight but I'd really like to tone up again. Back when I was playing sport on a regular basis it wasn't a problem, my cricket coach kept us on a tight leash in terms of diet and exercise. Now that I'm at uni full time and working part time I hardly have time to go to the gym and eating properly does take more effort than it used to be. Hate it. Doesn't help all my friends are gorgeous. 
I think 1+2= I need a new look. Lol wow this blog is so superficial. But seriously, I don't really dress how I want because I'm with Andrew so much and... as silly as it sounds I have to keep up a kind of image for him. I'd love to have my piercings back, I'd SO love to get a tattoo and wear all black like the good old days =D But apart from work getting in the way, it wouldn't work with my relationship with him *sigh*

3.  I seriously have to meet people at uni, driving me nuts. One of my friends from high school wend to the US to work at some Christian camps (not sure what exactly they're called but that's how it was described to me) and to stay with her boyfriend. They're engaged now so she's staying there. Another high school friend is leaving in the next month. That leaves me and ONE other person left. That's so sad. I've been thinking and after I graduate I'm going to go work in the UK (teaching) for a year. While I'm over there it'd be the perfect chance to go to all the other European countries I want to visit, particularly Sweden and Norway =D Only 4 years to go...



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Aug. 10th, 2009 05:09 pm (UTC)
I hope things work out with your dad!

1. I need to dye my hair too. I'll just go with black of course.

2. That sucks about not being able to dress the way you want. I could understand for work, but it's too bad you can't dress how you want around Andrew.

3. I know how you feel. I know 2 people in FL and they're Sean's family. *sigh* We need to find some friends.
Aug. 10th, 2009 06:04 pm (UTC)
Thanks =) Me too...

I wish I could go back to black hair =( But going back to a lighter colour is a bitch so I'd only do it again if I was sure, but I liked it black (mum didn't).

I know. It's just that with him being a lawyer AND very conservative he has an image to uphold and in turn that kinda.. falls on to me too. People expect him to be with someone very specific. I don't really mind dressing different around him but he would lose it if I got any piercings again (besides ears) and if I got a tattoo I think he'd consider breaking up with me =| He's a bit weird like that.

That must suck =( And being away from family. Almost all my friends from high school have left the country/state and I never see anyone from primary school anymore (they're only into getting drunk all weekend and that doesn't appeal to me). Haven't made any friends in the past 18 months of uni. That sounds very 'woe is me' but I'm not all that great at meeting people unfortunately.
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