August 12th, 2009


Oh shit...

I fucked up so bad this evening =S our work rosters get e-mailed out every Monday morning for that week. I downloaded mine and saw I was working Wed/Sat/Sun which annoyed me because I cant work Wednesdays. First thing I did was text Tash to see if I could swap for her Thursday shift. She agreed and it was all good. This evening (Wednesday) I get a call from work asking where I am and I explained Tash and I had swapped. Meg (the manger) told me Tash said I was working... I said that wasn't so. She hung up and Tash called me saying that I was supposed to work Thurs and she was on Wed so when we swapped it meant I was on Wed... I said that wasn't so but waited until I got home. I looked at my roster on the computer arnd sure enough I was rostered on for Wednesday. Then I looked at the date. It's from exactly a month ago =| I felt SO SO bad! Neither of us went to work because we thought the other one was working due to my idiocy... why do I even have old rosters on my computer? Tash got in trouble so now I have to explain it was all my fault. Well the manager called me not long ago making sure I was going to work tomorrow night and I quickly explained but she didn't seem happy, and I don't blaim her. She scares the crap out of me so I always go out of my way to stay on her good side. Thankfully she isn't working tomorrow night but no doubt she told my boss (Pomi) what happened... I like Pomi, he's a nice guy. Tough but fair.. but I'm still a bit scared. I really cant afford to be jobless at the moment. I'm terrified they'll fire me which everyone keeps teling me is ridiculous but I'm convinced that's what'll happen... and someone had to come in last minute to cover the shift which I also feel bad about. AAAARGH what have I done?! All 'cos I opened the wrong file on my computer. We need a fixed roster- for idiots like me.

So now my boss/manager will be mad, my workmates will hate me and I may very well not have a job after this week (if my paranoia is justified).
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