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Life-changing question

(Sorry to disappoint) What colour should I dye my hair? No seriously it's driving me nuts. The most insignificant little thing and I cant work it out. It was better back in the days when I had black hair 'cos I just got... well black. I'm blonde at the moment and would love to go back to black but my mum and Andrew aren't keen =( I figure that since I change everything else about my appearance for him, the least Andrew could do is give me the green light to colour my hair how I like... not to say he'd hate me if I did but he's told he's not all that keen and I know he'd be grumpy for a whlie. Grrr. Maybe I should give him the choice of black hair, tattoo or lip piercing (again) =p Problem solved. I am so not kidding though, I need someone to tell me what to do... I get bored pretty easy. Something needs to change. Also cant do anything too interesting 'cos work will pwn me. Seriously, Andrew and work are the ones who determine what I look like more than I do *sigh* =(

I guess I should write something meaningful to make sure this isn't a total waste of space.

Hmmm uni this week has been pretty good. Another awesome Sociology tutorial yesterday (always my favourite) and yesterday afternoon had my other favourite class, Creative Writing. Pretty sure I'm in love with my tutor lol. No not really but he is a great guy. He's just done his Phd (didn't know you could get that in Creative Writing) and he's only.. 25 at the oldest I'm guessing? He reminds me of Andrew in that they're both huge nerds but my tutor is far more ... flamboient. Not in a gay way, he's just really theatrical and entertaining. Plus he's got a killer tattoo and dresses remarkably well. But then has this kinda... nerdy vulnerability thing with the glasses and his hair and... I don't know, it's just really cool. And he's a great teacher. Helps that my classmates are hilarious, our 2 houre tutorials are like a circus.
My English teacher wont let me do my own question for the essay =( I have one week to think of something else or I have to do a set one. No way I'm spending my valuable life researching ANZAC Day, childhood obesity or whaling. I know they're all very important and I do have strong opinions on whaling but those topics are just so generic. That's what everybody gets set to do in high school and/or uni. It's just so old and unoriginal. I wish they'd given us something really different and something that we can think about and engage in. I can think of lots i'd like to do (love to do women as represented by the media but has to be an Australian controversy which limits the interesting topics to zero give or take. Seriously, we are the most boring country i the world).

YES! Just got an email offering me a photography job =D It's a local metal show (18+ gonna be brutal) at a venue that's incredibly difficult to shoot but it'll be fun =D

Ok I've been procrastinating for long enough. Going to go do my essay *groan* 
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