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Contains fangirling... you have been warned.

Ok, so if anybody has heard /seen me speak/type anything in the past week or so, they'd know I went to see Anberlin on Sunday night.  For those who don't know, Anberlin are kinda an alternative Christian rock band (from Florida). This was the fourth time I'd seen them but was excited as the first time. Got there about 10 minutes before doors opened and for the first time, saw a line-up at this venue. It was an AA show so loooooots of kids (well 15ish year olds.). They were so small and I wanted to squash their annoying little bodies, but resisted. The first band (some group from Brissy) sucked, so did The Academy Is... but I had no expectations from them. Anberlin were amazing as alays. I shoved my way to the front and had a perfect spot. I knew all the songs they'd play (from seeing them earlier in the year) and had a total blast. Took some pics which was difficult but they're nice to look at now. After the show 4 of the 5 members hung around to sign stuff, talk to fans etc. I got something signed by them earlier in the year so I asked for pics with them instead. Never been so excited to be hugged by anybody, as I was to be hugged by Stephen Christian.  He really is an amazing musician and person in general. They were all so lovely. I cant describe how exciting that was... I've met quite a few bands I like but this was different. Cant wait to see them (yet again) next year... always a great night. That wasn't as fangirly as I thought it would be... good.

Yesterday Syam asked me to play keys/synth in his new band he's forming. I played guitar in a band with him before and it was a total blast but we had a couple of members quit because of work etc. So far we've got vocals (Syam), keys (me), drums (our friend Aaron from the former band) and one, possibly two guitarists. Finding a bassist is going to be a bitch, especially in a place like Adelaide. It's a pretty specific sound we have in mind too. Melodic death metal really isn't for everyone. I was thinking last week I should find a band looking for a keyboardist so this really is perfect. Syam's girlfriend is going to freak out (Syam and I were together for about a year and since I broke up with him... like... 18 months ago we've remained pretty close friends and his new gf cant get that in her thick head (that we're mates and nothing else).) Jesus, Andrew gets it *rolls eyes* Some people... ANyway hopefully we can find a bassist quick 'cos I'm really excited to get going. Should update my keyboard soon though,... the one I have at the moment is from the dawn of time. Seriously, it is the ugliest most clunky, worthless piece of shit ever invented by Casio. I actually did photography for our old band before I was in it. I designed the merch and the logo (which I won't post because some may find the name offensive. Recording studios sure did! We actually got turned away from studios because they were afraid of being affiliated with a band with a 'controversial' name... pussies it really isn't/wasn't that bad. Ok actually, this is a link to it, for anyone interested.). Anywho, we're thinking of calling the new band 'Ed Gein' well that was Syam's idea but I said it'd make a better song title. We'll see what Aaron and the others think. Pumped as :D
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